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$100 Dollar Wallet

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Fool Your Friends into Thinking You’re Loaded! Wallets don’t have to be boring, they should be fun! And there’s no wallet more fun than the Loaded 100 Dollar Wallet! When folded, this unique wallet appears to be a wad of hundred dollar bills! Slip it in your back pocket but leave enough hanging out so people think you’re loaded! Recession? What Recession? Pretend You’re Rich! Besides being a funny gag gift, this wallet is made of high quality materials, has a satin-lined interior and is very roomy! The wallet has 6 pockets for credit cards plus 2 hidden pockets that could fit several more cards in. Warning: Don’t flash wallet around in public or you’ll probably get robbed. Sure the robber will be disappointed to only find a $5 bill and a receipt from McDonald's, but still, you don’t want to lose this awesome wallet! Fool Your Friends Into Thinking You’re Rich! Full-Color Printed Wallet Features Luxurious Satin-Lined Interior Measures 4.5" x 2"