I Dated an Ugly Guy Because of His Hot Ex GFs

Why I dated below my league and what I learned from the experience

Seeing an unattractive man with a beautiful woman is somewhat of a trope at this point and society attributes that to the woman being a gold digger. However, there are many reasons aside from money that a woman would date a conventional unattractive dude. Maybe he’s super funny, maybe he’s charming or maybe he’s a really caring person. Or if you’re me, he’s had some super hot ex girlfriends, so you’re curious to know why he landed those babes.

When I was between high school and college, this guy hit me up on Facebook (as they did in 2013) and asked me to hang out. I’d known who he was for a few years, as we were both part of the same small town hardcore scene. When it came to the looks department, I know that I could have done better. He was a short guy, about 5 or so inches shorter than me, who was covered in body hair and had bad skin. I’m by no means saying that I was a supermodel, but I could have easily found someone more conventionally attractive to give my time to. But because I knew him and his ex-girlfriends, I was intrigued. This man had dated some beautiful women, the kind of women that would stop you in your tracks and could get any guy they wanted. I was curious to see why these gorgeous girls had gone for him when they had other options and at the time, I thought there must be something really great about this man that you couldn’t see from just the physical.

Well, it turns out I was dead wrong. This guy was just as big an a-hole as every pretty boy player, if not worse. He was a pathological liar, a serial cheater and to top it off, he was a coach surfing loser sleeping in some other girl’s car. Years have passed since we first crossed paths and to this day, this man continues to get with women who are out of his league.

I think that Hollywood is partially to blame for us girls going for less attractive men, because we’re programmed to think that these are the nice guys we should be giving our heart to. There are hundreds of movies where a nerdy guy pines after a hot girl and she eventually dumps the quarterback for the mathlete. Instead, a guy could be an Abercrombie model or a 1/10 and be the biggest douchebag on the planet. So if you’re like me and have a habit of picking jerks to date, you might as well go with a hottie who’s going to break your heart.

I can’t tell you exactly how this guy landed these girls, as I was out of that situation once I found out about the lies, but I can tell you that I was young and wasn’t used to the attention. I’d fall for just about anyone who gave me the time of day and I was relying on a stereotype that plenty of “nice guys” use to their advantage. At the end of the day, it’s important to be guarded and realize that a wolf in sheep’s clothing is still a wolf. He may look harmless because he’s not bagging girls left and right, but he’s still just as capable of being a major manipulator.