Reddit Users Reveal the Weirdest Places They’ve Had Sex

As someone who’s had a fair share of partners and is pretty open sexually, I was blown away by Reddit’s “Where is the weirdest place you’ve had sex,” thread. To me, I thought banging on a washing machine or hooking up in a bar bathroom were hardcore. But compared to these people, I’m a vanilla ho who’s only done missionary on a bed, under the covers and with the lights off. Seriously, I’m pretty sure that most of these stories could get you arrested—or worse! Take a look at 25 of the weirdest, wildest and wackiest places people have had sex, then let us know the craziest place you’ve gotten busy in the comments section on social media.

“In the back of a movie theater showing Wall-E.”—IntoTheMystic1

“The place itself wasn’t weird, but a girl I was seeing asked me over during the post funeral gathering of her Grandmother, she took me upstairs and we ended up having sex a little too loudly. The walk of shame back down the stairs and out the front-door afterwards was mortifying.”—PM_ME_YER_TITTAYS

“On top of a shed. Not in it, but on top of it.”—[deleted]

“Inside a boulder was different. Not the worst place. Worst place was front seat of a Chevy Cavalier.”—IThrowSexyParties

“Pizza shop. Ordered the pie and it came after we did.”—trombonedarling

“A corn field.”—Amandausagi

“An abandoned, mostly collapsed mining cabin on the Grand Canyon’s Horsehoe Mesa.”—ipeeonbees

“Parking lot of an IHOP, Denney’s, and a Cinemark.”—Fr3shBread

“Hot tub. Would not recommend.”—lifad77

“Hotel pool at 1am wasn’t any better. Chlorinated water in vagina isn’t appealing apparently.”—RedBeard8685

“In the woods on a military base (two different times with different people).”—[deleted]


“Backseat of my then-GF’s car in the parking lot of an American Red Cross.”—ryguy28896

“Lost my virginity on a bed I dragged out into the woods.”—ScreamingIdiot53

“In the bed of an El Camino doing 90mph down the Interstate. Memorable.”—Malruhn

“Parking lot of my dentist’s office at night.”—mmhjz

“Tie between a giant trampoline outdoors and in a college classroom.”—mikedeich

“Behind a church at 1am.”—WyattR115

“My high school friend lose his virginity in a graveyard, at night.”—piketpagi

“On top of McDonald’s rooftop.”—[deleted]

“Back when I was with an old ex I did it in my school’s hallway.”—[deleted]

“With a chick in a wheel chair in a transhelp shuttle bus while engaged.”—billbapapa

“A building’s garbage dumpster.”—reddit_sex_account

“Elevator at school, on a pool table, around a bonfire, hot tub, sauna, on a balcony so we could see the moon. I’m going to stop myself there because I’m starting to realize Im a bad person.” —TheHouseofReps

“The fucking floor of an abandoned public bathroom… yeah i know, would not repeat.”—LaVidaDePrensus