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  • Hand Mug
  • Hand Mug

Hand Mug

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Quality ceramic mug with a ready hand included!
Sometimes the perfect beverage needs a strong hand.
Marvel at this mug’s HAND-some features!
When the chips are down, this hand is a helping one.
Give a Big Hand For This Big Hand!

Picture this scenario: It’s morning. You’re groggy. You’re craving your daily caffeine intake in a big way. It’s the only way to start your morning, after all. The best part is, you don’t have to lift a finger. Your coffee’s binging brought to you right now. You reach to take it. Hang on a second… Whoever brought you your coffee made one mother of a mistake… It’s being handed to you MUG FIRST. Seeing no other option, you know in your heart of hearts that when you grab that mug of mugs, the only thing you’re going to be enjoying is a burnt hand. But just like disco, those days are over, because the Hand Mug is ready to shoulder that burden JUST FOR YOU. With a mighty palm and five ferocious fingers, this mug is one awesome and terrific spectacle to behold! It is said that Zeus himself drank from this most charming chalice.

A Mighty Drink Needs A Mighty Hand.

Though statue-esque in appearance, the mug is made from quality ceramic and fits comfortably in your own modest hands. If you find yourself unable to bask in the Hand’s glory, then it is no shame to grasp the handle instead and admire the Hand from afar. You would do well to do the Hand homage and offer it the finest brews of coffee or tea or any beverage that may befit a Hand of its awe-inspiring caliber. So when next you reach for a mug and find yourself disappointed in your options, pray to the Gods of Mugs and this Hand will make sure you do not go wanting.

Quality ceramic mug

Dishwasher and microwave safe