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  • Mini Flask Keychain

Mini Flask Keychain

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Keep a shot with you for any stressful situations! Haven't you ever needed a stiff drink, but you're at work? Keep some liquor in this miniature flask for any drinking emergencies you might encounter.

The Public Drinker’s Best Friend

The flask: Another one of mankind’s greatest inventions. It was created in the 18th century as a convenient way to carry around your favorite alcoholic beverage. Yes, everyone in the 1700’s was an alcoholic. It’s thin and curved shape was perfect for fitting in a pants pocket.

A Mini Flask For Your Keys

Nowadays most people use flasks to covertly sneak liquor into places that would otherwise charge you an exorbitant amount for alcohol. The downside is that these places are wise to the scheme, and most of them search you before you go in. But there’s one place they never look...your keys. Now you can keep a few swigs of whisky in the Mini Flask Keychain and walk right in without even a question.

Holds 1 fl. oz
Measures 2.25” x 3.25”