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  • Pickled Corkscrew Bottle Opener
  • Pickled Corkscrew Bottle Opener

Pickled Cork Screw Bottle Opener

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Corked wine bottle have you in a pickle? Get this gherkin workin' and your worries will disappear with your inhibitions. Can't finish that wine bottle? Plug it with the pickle that doubles as a temporary stopper.

Corkscrew with a silicone pickle for a handle
Embedded steel frame in the pickle handle for durability
Doubles as a bottle stopper by sticking the end of the pickle in the open bottle
Funny and useful gift for any wine lover

Corked Wine Bottle Have You In A Pickle?

Pick this pickle to help you out of that... jam. It’s made from hand friendly silicone and is super easy to use. If there is anything that knows what it’s like to be inside a container that nobody can open, it’s a pickle. This one chose to dedicate it’s life to freeing more food prisoners.

Doubles As A Bottle Stopper

The pickled corkscrew will not only open that pesky wine bottle for you, it will keep it’s contents fresh as well. Simply stick the skinnier end of the pickle into the open bottle and you won’t have to worry about your vino going bad and tasting like pure alcohol.

Get This Gherkin For A Wine Lover You Love!

This bottle opener would make a great gift for any true appreciator of wine. The corkscrew’s multi-functionality would be a great addition to any winos’ kitchen drawer collection. The bright green and easy to use pickle will be the first one they reach for!


Weight: .15 lbs
Dimensions: 1 x 4.2 x 4.87 inches
Material: Silicone Rubber