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  • Pow Bonk Kapow 3 Piece Mug Set

Pow Bonk Kapow 3 Piece Mug Set

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The Must-Have Action-Packed Mug Set for Superhero Fans!

“Holy ceramic drinkware, did you see these new mugs?”
“Why I most certainly did, my young ward. Their highly stylized graphics should be enticing for people of all ages.”
“Say, don’t they remind you of that classic tv show from the 60s?”
“Sound observation old chum. Fans of those crime fighters will have a lot to like in this great set.”
“You bet Bruce! I think I’ll go order myself a set now!”
“Now? Say, isn’t it past your bedtime? Why don’t you buy it in the morning? A good night’s rest is important for a boy your age. Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

“Gosh, Bruce, you’re right! I do want to grow up to be healthy and strong like you!”
If you’re looking for an amazing mug set, you’ve come to the right place! These mugs are fun to look at and fun to drink from! Never has your morning coffee been so action packed! These are the perfect gift set for comic book fans or anyone who loved the classic 60s tv show! Included are 3 highly stylized ceramic mugs with the following sound effects bubbles:

Includes 3 Mugs
Materials: Ceramic