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  • T-Rex Creature Mug

T-Rex Creature Mug

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RROOOOOAAARRRRRR! It Doesn't Get Any Scarier than a T-Rex, Just Ask the Guy Who Got Eaten on the Toilet in 'Jurassic Park'! This mug is a great gift or prank as there's a T-Rex lurking in the depths below your coffee!

An Awesome Dinosaur in Your Cup of Coffee

65 million years ago, dinosaurs ruled the earth. And the undisputed king of the dinosaurs was the Tyrannosaurus Rex. It had really tiny arms, of course, but it could run upwards of 30 miles per hour and eat just about anything in a couple bites. They were terrifying. Pay homage to the king of the dinosaurs with the T-Rex Creature Mug!

Dinosaurs Will Rule Your Morning Coffee

Watch closely as your enjoy your favorite hot beverage, only to be surprised as a T-Rex emerges from the depths below! T-Rex's couldn't swim very well, according to paleontologists, but you'll just have to let your imagination run wild. This mug goes great as a gift for any dinosaur lover, coffee enthusiast or fan of surprises in general. Get yours today and start filling your gullet in style!

Holds 11 oz.
Dishwasher safe