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  • Thirst Aid Plasma Bag Drink Pouch

Thirst Aid Plasma Bag Drink Pouch

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Pretend you’re a vampire by drinking from the Thirst Aid Plasma Bag Drink Pouch

Drink container modeled after an I.V. Bag
Drink like a doctor is coming to saw your leg off!
Color: Clear/Red

Thirst Aid Plasma Bag Drink Pouches Heal Your Troubled Mind

Looking for a unique way to store your drinks while simultaneously freaking out your friends and family? Of course you are, you did visit this page, did you not? With the Thirst Aid Plasma Bag Drink Pouch it looks like you’re drinking someone’s plasma!

That Man Is Dying Of Thirst, Get Him Some Liquor, Stat!

For best results pour darker colored liquid (juice, iced tea, etc.) in the bag so your friends may believe for a second that it’s real. Perfect for school or while watching Buffy reruns or Twilight with your friends (sorry Buffy for mentioning you in the same sentence). Makes a great, unique gift!